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May I Please Borrow your Hammer?

It's 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep a wink.  The wheels won't stop turning!  I am not really entirely sure just what I am thinking of!  Mainly nonsensical hypothetical situations that will never actually happen!  My gosh if my brain is going to keep me awake all night can't I at least think of something useful!?  Maybe figure out just exactly what the hell a flux capacitor is and turn my beat up Hyundai in to a time machine.  Not as cool as a DeLorean I know, but I'm poor.




I just came from unemployment.  I had to sit in on a re-employment orientation (which I already did) to sign up for the unemployment agency to pay for schooling.  I am ready to go and want to learn.  I even have a course picked out which should be one they will pay for.  I am a bit nervous going forward with this though because the last time I attempted to stay on unemployment and go to school I got SCREWED!

The unemployment agency is a funny thing, and a royal pain in the ass to work with on certain things.  The first time I was laid off and on unemployment, I hadn't initially intended to attend schooling because I didn't think I would have too much difficulty finding work.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  So what did I do?  I went to an orientation at CCC and learned of a "Medical Office Administration" course I was interested in which was an in demand job which would be paid for by unemployment.  To do this however I had to attend an orientation at unemployment.  If I did that I would miss the date of the class.  Both my father and I said "to hell with that" and it was paid for out of pocket by my dad.  From what I had learned I was under the impression that although I was paying out of pocket I could still recieve my unemployment benefits.  I begin class, and then my pay went bye bye.  I submitted several appeals and was told that the course was not an in demand job...  Yet my ENTIRE class was there through unemployment.  I was the ONLY person who paid for the class myself!  I wasn't seeking reimbursement for the class.  I simply wanted my weekly benefits.  Of course this did not happen and I maxed out both of my credit cards just to survive.

Now, this class was total BS.  It did not teach half of what the course description stated.  It's main focus was medical billing/coding.  Although I knew it was a part of it both myself, and half the class was under the impression that the main focus of the class was learning to run the front front office of a medical practice.  Not only was I screwed out of the education I wanted by a lying course description, but I was stuck with an instructor who had no real teaching skills and did not know how to control a classroom.  This is all topped off with inaccurate textbooks.

A little about me and my issues.  I have ADD.  My ADD makes it difficult for me to concentrate, especially in a classroom setting.  You would think that in a class full of middle aged men and women a lot of distractions would not be an issue.  Surely everyone would be mature enough to pay attention and not offer constant disruptions to the class.  Nope...  Wrong...  I sat directly in front of three very petty, talkative, bitter women who had chips on their shoulders that they had to go back to school.  The instructor couldn't control them, nor did she really try despite my complaints.  Yet my typing on a computer supplied by the school for taking notes was so disruptive I was not allowed to do so.  WTF!?  REALLY!?  Needless to say I didn't receive the education I should have.  I learned very little despite trying very hard.  I never took the certification test because I just didn't know enough of the material.

So here I am again, jobless and in need of new training.  I have done everything by the book thus far to get a class covered through unemployment.  While sitting in orientation today I learned that, even though I paid for the class myself it is considered squandering my education and unemployment most likely won't pay for another class.  I explained my situation to the lady conducting the orientation and she recommended I speak to another woman who is more knowledgeable on the subject.  I have left a message for her.  Let's see if I get a retun call.

Ugh so frustrated!

I don't understand how they can do this to people.  In this economy, most of us on unemployment are decent hard working people just trying to get a break!  I am very cynical of the whole process after my last bad experience.  Not the class itself as they can't control the classroom conditions or the instructor...  But by blatantly screwing someone trying to better themselves?  That is crazy to me!

When I wanted to receive my unemployment while attending school the class was magically "not in demand".  Now that I want to take another class that I KNOW is in demand and have it paid for what are the odds that all of a sudden the class I was in before will be on their list and make me ineligible.  I will NOT be a happy camper!

EDIT:  As I suspected, the class I took was in fact on the in demand job list.  This means that I will most likely not receive funding for taking another class.  FML.


Another "I might be moving" entry

Many times in the past few years I have mentioned the thought of moving.  It seems the choices always end up being Maryland or Florida lol.  First it was either going to live with my best friend and his wife (Maryland) or with my mother (Florida).  Now, said best friend I no longer speak to for some reason, however my current best friends/roomies are moving to Maryland to be near their family.  As long as we have been roommates it has been the thought that I would go with them.  Circumstances however make me hesitant of that.

Now to live in Florida with my mother is a whole other story!  We can generally handle about a week of eachother before suiting up for battle and nearly killing one another.  Now though it seems like it may be a good idea.  Why you ask?  She'll never be there!  She has brouched the subject with me a couple of times and I have been on the fence.  First because I was going to be staying with my friends, and then possible suitors would pop up in this area.  At this moment neither of those reasons apply.  I think it would actually be a GOOD idea right now because SHE WILL NEVER BE THERE!  She has recently gotten her CDL license and intends to be on the road constantly.  Assuming it stays that way it is a win/win situation.  I won't have to handle all the bills and I will live basically on my own except for a week or two while she is home before going out again.  It may end up being a really great opportunity to start a new life which I think I may need.  I think it would be a really great thing to spend more time with her (sporadically) as well as other family I don't get to see nearly enough.  The majority of my family is there.  It will be odd leaving my father, but I suppose you have to move on some time.

I feel that now (or in the coming months) is a good time for a change of scenery.  Nothing is working out for me here.  It is strange to think of not living in the Philly metro area.  Even going down to Maryland would still be "home", even if it is another state.  I am just not sure if this is where I am "supposed" to be anymore!


I like food...  I especially like food cooked by somebody else.  Last weekend my second mom took me to Don Pablos, yesterday my dad and I went to Red Lobster, and tonight another old friend took me to Olive Garden and then later on to Friendly's for Desert!  I am a happy (and full) girl!  I wish it was my birthday every week!

How to be alone

This helped me through a difficult time.  It still helps.  I watch it periodically when I am feeling down and alone.  Watch and enjoy!  It's extremely uplifting!

(Finally!  I remembered how to add a vid! lol)


I was laid off at the end of December.  Nice Christmas present huh?  Of course the economy isn't back to where it once was and I've been hustling my ass off trying to find something else, and I thought I had.  A sales job (which I've never done).  I spent most of this week training.  I was liking it and my new employers seemed to think I would do well.  And then I told my family/close friends.  That was a bad idea.  I needed help with a project for training though and didn't have much of a choice.  I should have known better and waited to tell them until I was on my feet and really working because a couple people really downed it, which made me self conscious enough to say "fuggit" and not go in today.  Would I have done well?  I don't know.  Will I regret this decision?  Probably.  Le Sigh.




A real post... Finally

I know I've said it before, but I really do want to start coming back here.  It's good for me to write here.  Even if most of it is me bitching and moaning about shit. 

Overall things are well with me.  I saw that guy I mentioned a while back untill a few weeks ago.  He's a stubborn pain in the ass.  It hasn't officially been called quits but I've hardly spoken to him in a few weeks.

My father just had another surgery.  He had a tear in his aorta.  Had to fix up a couple of his bypasses while they were in there.  He's doing well.

Work still sucks as usual and I still have no life.

This was another short and sweet one.   Not a heck of a lot going on at the moment.

Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

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