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Height/Weight Proportionate

"Please be somewhat H/W/P , I am not attracted to BBW's"


I read the above line in a personals profile today.  I am not offended by it.  One is welcome to there physical preference.  Nor am I jealous or upset that I wouldn't meet physical criteria as this gentleman is not my cup of tea.

I am, however irked by his terming "H/W/P" and then stating that he is not attracted to BBWs.  Being height/weight proportionate has nothing to do with being overweight, it has to do with the body being PROPORTIONATE.  A simple example is this:

While portioning dinner this evening I served the vegetables and side dish in equal sized portions, therefore they are proportionate.  To apply it to myself, I am a little overweight...  I am not an overly large lady but I suppose I would fall in to a BBW range.  I am also short in stature, have rather full breasts, and a round bottom, which I have had since my size 9 days (I will wear you again favorite jeans!).  My body is in complete proportion.  My legs are not skinny, my hips and thighs line up nicely with the rest of my body, and my stomach does not stick out farther than anything else.  That is proportion.


My point, boys and girls is when describing your physical likes please, please, PLEASE use your brain and simple middle school learnings.


Perhaps I'm being picky, but lack of intelligence in personals ads bugs me.

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